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MYOB & Xero Short Courses $25 per week

Learn MYOB & Xero Online Training Courses for $25 per month interest free compare Career Academy, Spoted, Applied Education, Chisolm

After reviewing the accounting skills requirements for accounting jobs on Seek and Indeed it’s obvious that Xero has made amazing inroads into the accounting software space.

Small businesses appear to be the ones most quickly adopting Xero’s cloud accounting software and because they are a significant employer many jobs now require Xero skills.

The negative impact on job seekers and those re-entering the workforce for part-time accounting jobs is that you’ll be able to apply for more jobs with knowledge of how to use both Xero and MYOB and now you can for just $25 per week.

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Connection Guarantee for Xero & MYOB Training Course Package

Workface Career Academy Training Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping LOGO

Selected training courses with a Dual Certificate in Xero & MYOB, include our real-world training course scenarios and Industry Connect program now come with a connection guarantee to give you a deeper understanding of the work environment and deliver more than just the Career Academy program.

The MYOB and Xero training course packages are currently available with interest free course financing at just $25 per week so it’s a great time to start on a positive note in your career.

See our Accounting Training Course Packages

UPDATE: We were overwhelmed with this offer and found that student success in getting a job relied on more than just their software skills. The Career Academy is FREE for students on selected packages to help them prepare for the job seeker and job application process.

Bookkeeping PRO Xero & MYOB AccountRight Advanced Certificate & Payroll Training Courses - Industry Accredited, Employer Endorsed - CTO

The Connection Guarantee is now available, and our Xero & MYOB training affiliate program is available to students who enrol into the Advanced MYOB & Xero Certificate training course package. This service enables you to earn money by working remotely from home as an affiliate and potentially an online course tutor.

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Who Owes Me Money?

I work with several different clients each week and the time I spend on each project varies. Some clients are great payers while others need me to wait until the end of the month to fit in with their accounting system. How can I keep track of my trade debtors easily?

I realised that I can start to use MYOB AccountRight today. I can set up a simple chart of accounts, customise an invoice form, enter client details and start invoicing with professional-looking invoices. Now when a client asks how much they own me, I click a few buttons and they have the exact answer.

MYOB is a quick and easy way –  not only look professional but to be professional. Even better, you don’t need to know anything about accounting.

– Frankie Varley


Frankie Varley MYOB Tips
Frankie Varley MYOB Tips


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Inventory Opening Balances in MYOB

To enter Inventory Balances, click on the inventory Icon, then click on Count Inventory. As this will be the first time, you probably won’t have any items listed.

You can just enter a number in the Counted column and then click Adjust Inventory at the bottom of the page.

The items can be listed later.

Inventory Opening Balances in MYOB
Inventory Opening Balances in MYOB


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Virtual Assistant for Virtual Support

Flexibility in communications and the power of the Internet and Social Media have combined to provide a new level of power and capability to enable those bookkeepers with the right skills to work from home. Although corporations have utilised this type of technology for years, it is now available to the people who need it the most — small business owners.

This marks the first of our ongoing blogs to provide you with information written by a genuine Remote Contractor who regularly uses MYOB for her clients. It will also feature a wealth of information on the use of accounting software and MYOB in small business.