Advanced Certificate in Office Administration (Ultimate) Training Course Package


Completion Time: 88 hours

This training course package includes:

  • 22 training manuals
  • Dozens of practice files & examples
  • Video tutorials
  • Step-by-step practical exercises
  • Industry Connect
  • Project in long-form and complex documents
  • Create complex spreadsheets with financial forecasts
  • Support HQ (sms, phone, chat, email)
  • Tutor Support


Advanced Certification in Office Administration

This course includes beginners to advanced skills in using Microsoft Office applications to master office and business communications, complex documents to create proposals, quotes, brochures, using Excel for data, complex calculations and graphs and charts PLUS creating powerful presentations.

Data Entry & Microsoft Office Beginners Training Course

  • Excel-Training-courses-accounting-analysis-analytics-data-entry-accounts-receivable-payable 2Microsoft Word Beginners: The screen, non-printing text, editing characters
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Saving, Selecting and formatting
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Page, character and paragraph formatting
  • Microsoft Word Beginners: Borders, shading and bullets
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Selecting, editing and resizing cells & columns
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Database structures
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Formulas and functions introduction
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners: Formatting and autoformats

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Office Support & Administration using Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office Support & Administration Jobs & online training courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint - the Career AcademyMicrosoft Word Intermediate: Tabs and Tables that Structure Data
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Headers/Footers, templates and page breaks
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Customising screen, toolbars/ribbons
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Symbols, clipart and images
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate: Drawing and Graphics
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Complex views & printing
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Charts & Graphs
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate: Functions and Cell Referencing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Create and Edit Presentations
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Design templates and complex formatting
  • Microsoft Outlook: Email and Meetings
  • Microsoft Outlook: Invitations and time management
  • Microsoft Outlook: Customer Relationship Management and tasks

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Advanced Office Certificate Training Course

Applied Education at TAFE & Career Academy for online Xero, MYOB accounting training courses comparison 3

  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Working with Databases
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Using Microsoft Word for Complex documents
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Word: Using Microsoft Word for Corporate Style & Navigation in documents
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Databases, filter/sort and Named Ranges
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas, Protecting Cells & Pivot tables and Charts
  • Advanced Certificate Microsoft Excel: Goals, Forecasting, Data Consolidation

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Industry Connect

The case study in this training package involve making modifications to complex Microsoft Office files from instruction from a manager. You’ll use your Microsoft Office skills to create and modify advanced Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, combining information from one to insert into the other when required. You’ll be given instructions to make modifications that are common in the workplace, including;

  • Modifying data and performing a mail merge
  • Modifying headers and styles to match the corporate styling
  • Create and modify pivottables and charts to reflect information wanted by management
  • Use Work Order data in a spreadsheet to identify important information
  • Use a Pay Guide spreadsheet to determine the rate of pay for a defined criteria
  • Apply advanced features to an existing presentation