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MYOB Online Course Videos — Closing and Backing Up in MYOB

When you have completed setting up or entering data into MYOB, you can exit by either clicking on the ‘x’ or go to File and Exit MYOB.

MYOB will give you a warning to back up your file. You can also check the company file for errors. Just click the appropriate box and you will be taken to a Backup File that MYOB has made for you. However, you should not use this file going forwards – if anything were to happen to your computer, you would lose all data.

Always backup your files on to a USB, separate hard drive or disc. MYOB will automatically title the Backup by date casino online but you can change this to whatever you like.

The Backup is a zipped file.

Closing and Backing Up in MYOB
Closing and Backing Up in MYOB


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