How It Works

MYOB, Xero and Microsoft Office Training Course Resources

Our online short training course uses a combination of

  • training video tutorials,
  • training manuals with practical exercises,
  • exercises and exercise files, and
  • skills assessment tests

See our short course FAQ’s for more information

Training Video Tutorials

There are over 500 short and concise instructional training videos in all of our Accounting, business startup and office support and administration courses.

Watching the videos is like looking over the trainers shoulder as they explain each concept in bite size pieces. Each video lasts between 2-5 minutes and focuses on 1 or 2 simple concepts. When you follow the course in the order that it is designed these videos start at the basic concepts and build on from there giving you a solid, structured way of learning new MYOB, Xero and Microsoft Office skills.

The videos compliment the practical exercises you can do in the training manuals so you can use each of the resources however you wish and based on how you learn.

Some students watch the video tutorials and then try to replicate them using the software while others follow the practical tasks and refer to the videos when they need to get a “visual” on how to perform the tasks. You are free to use the resources in any way you choose.

Our Micro Courses are designed in such a way that you can do just 30 minutes of the course each day while you have some quiet time and progress through the course at your own pace. You can also complete a half day, couple hours or even a full day at a time – you choose.

Short Course Training Manuals

The training manuals contain training pages followed by exercises you can do based on these new skills. In the Microsoft Excel course we include exercise files (over 80 included in the total course) that enable you to work on existing files to practice your new skills – these files make great templates for any other Excel work you need to do for yourself.

In the MYOB, Xero Accounting and QuickBooks Online courses the training manuals follow a logical path that a bookkeeper or accounts staff member would follow in the daily, weekly and monthly activities of their accounts job.

From setting up the chart of accounts, new customer and suppliers, payment terms and invoice templates to the process of ordering and holding stock, selling and invoicing for the stock and extra services and receiving payments.

You’ll create transactions as if you were the bookkeeper for these small businesses which include a telephone systems company, a service based company and a variety of other examples of how accounting software is used in real businesses.

Online Training Short Course Assessment Tests

The Skills Tests in our courses are at the end of each module and are designed to make sure you understand what’s taught in that part of each course. If you choose the MYOB or Excel Course Certificate option you just complete these short skills tests at the end of each section of videos and you are assessed for a pass mark when you have completed the entire course.

The skills tests are automatically marked so you can see how much you’ve learnt. If you get questions wrong there are explanations and links to where you can go back and review the training information so you can go over it again.

LIFETIME Use of MYOB Training and Microsoft Excel Training Resources

When you complete your course you have full access to all training materials forever depending on which MYOB Bookkeeping Course you choose. That includes the training videos you’ve used and new training videos and workbooks that we create in the future.