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MYOB Online Course Videos — MYOB Sales — Converting a Quote to an Order

Imagine this is the scenario: one of your customers has accepted the quote you”ve sent and as a result, you need to make an order.

In the Main Command Centre, click on the Sales icon and then click Enter Sales.

The screen that opens will be the type of sale last used when opened in MYOB. (This doesn”t matter for this entry.)

Type the first three letters of the customer and the client”s name will come up (this is much quicker than using the drop down box, then selecting the customer). Then tab and you”ll see a screen pop up showing any quotes or orders already entered.

At the top, you”ll see “Select an Existing Order or Quote to Edit for this Customer” or “Create a New Sale”.

Select the quote option required and click Use Sale. You will now have your quote on the screen. Click on the Order icon at the foot of online slots the screen and you”ll see that MYOB has converted the Quote to an Order. You can now print, send or record the Order.

502111 Converting Quote to Order in MYOB
502111 Converting Quote to Order in MYOB

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