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MYOB Online Course Videos — MYOB Sales — Changing Item Information

Just say you are entering a sale in an item invoice and realise that there is information that you need to change. MYOB has made this easy!

For example: You have raised an invoice for a customer and that customer has contacted you and has requested items to be sent to another address. Simply tab to the ‘Ship To’ field (you will note that all information is highlighted), and type in the name & address for where the item is to be shipped to.

Similarly, you can change the date, the quantity of items and the description.

Also you have been advised that the company is giving the items as a discount. Instead of trying to calculate the discount, type in the new amount in the ‘Total’ field, then tab and you will see that MYOB has done the discount percentage for you.

MYOB has enabled you to have invoices with the ability to alter fields so that you are able to send an invoice to suit each client rather than having totally ridged invoice types.

502105 Changing Item information in MYOB
502105 Changing Item information in MYOB

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