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MYOB Online Course Videos — Invoice Form Layouts

To Customise Forms, go to Setup on the Toolbar, then Customise Forms and select Invoice.

The Customise Forms dialog box will open up.

You will note that in the Sales Layout section that ‘Item’ is already selected. This was done previously when setting up the company. You can change this here if you had selected incorrect type of invoice.

If you click on Form to Customise, you’ll see that MYOB gives you a number of options.

Should your company already have blank invoices printed, you would select Pre-Printed Invoices. MYOB will then only enter the data and would not enter any line formatting.

Should your company prefer for the invoices to be printed via a MYOB customised form you would select Plain Paper Invoice. With this option selected MYOB will include all lines, columns and headers as well as the data.

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