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MYOB Online Course Videos — Entering Items in MYOB Sales

The ‘Item’ invoice layout is on your screen. If you use your Tab Key you will note that MYOB allows you to jump to the next field. This is extremely handy when you have a number of invoices to do because it saves lots of time!

To enter, firstly type in the number of the items sold, tab to Item Number then tab again and you’ll see a List of Items on your screen.

Important: You MUST enter an Item Number when using an Item Layout for your invoices.

Your Items list will have the Item number, description of Item and the Number of Items in stock. Select the Item and click on the button ‘Use this Item’. Tab and the description of that Item is in the Description field; tab again and the price of each Item will be shown. Tab again and the full price will be in the Total field.

If you have more items to enter for this sale, simply click Enter and you will be on the next line of your invoice.

502104 sales enter items in MYOB
502104 sales enter items in MYOB

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