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MYOB Online Course Videos — Opening Your New File

To launch MYOB, click on the MYOB icon on your desktop, you will see the welcome screen, click on open your company file.

IMPORTANT: When MYOB was installed on your computer, a MYOB folder was created on ‘C’ drive.

Go to ‘my computer’ click on ‘C’ drive – you will note that only MYOB files are being searched for – click on appropriate MYOB, select company file and select open.

You will now see the sign on screen which defers to administrator, if you have a password you will need to enter this, click ‘OK’ (if there is no password then you only need to click OK).

There is now a screen which prompts you to activate the company file – all companies must be activated with MYOB. Click continue and you will be on the MYOB Command Centre.


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